About Us

About Us

The Classkick Team believes it is crucial to understand the most fundamental needs of teachers, students, and parents in education. In doing so, we can build extremely focused and impactful technology that demonstrably increases student learning and development. Classkick is founded by teachers and engineers. 

Meet our Team

Classkick's Mission


At Classkick, our mission is to connect every learner with the person most ready, able, and invested in helping them.

We envision a world in which millions of students have the agency to succeed in the 21st century. Research shows the #1 driver of student learning and development is great feedback. As former teachers ourselves, we have experienced how challenging it can be to reach every student at the right learning moment. We built Classkick to eliminate barriers, show teachers real-time student work, and pinpoint the most urgent needs. This way, students can find the best person to help them the fastest. 



Classkick History


Around 2010, education technology saw a boost in innovation and venture funding across the board. The potential for increasing learning had never been higher. But when Classkick founder, Andrew Rowland, searched for effective tools to use in his 11th grade math classroom in Chicago, he found sparse pickings. Ultimately, he avoided technology altogether, because it didn’t accelerate student learning enough.

Though Andrew spent the next few years at Google learning from incredible people about building products at scale, he was always on the hunt for great education products. After a few hopeful years watching the landscape, he decided to take matters into his own hands. Thus, he built Classkick to help supercharge teachers and increase student outcomes. 



Research shows student feedback is the most effective learning intervention. It is also one of the most difficult practices for teachers to juggle. We address teachers’ time and knowledge dilemma head on by allowing them to view all their students’ work at once, in real-time. More importantly, students using Classkick receive feedback instantly from both their teacher and their peers. Not only does peer feedback reduce burden on the teacher, but research shows it also has a high premium on learning by fostering a collaborative student-centered classroom environment.

We fundamentally believe we have a responsibility to keep technology focused on the bottom line: student learning and development. One focus of that goal is access. Simple, effective software should be free. Being free also allows Classkick to reach the largest and most diverse user base possible. Not only does this fulfill our mission of educational equity (more here), but the feedback we receive directly improves the app's ability to help students learn more.

Beginning in 2017, we also offer a new powerful version of Classkick Plus and Classkick Pro to those schools and districts that love using Classkick and are looking for even more capabilities (more here). We love hearing from you, so please let us know if you see anything we can fix or improve by saying hi@classkick.com. You can also find great resources on our Teacher Resources page.



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