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About Us

The Classkick Team believes it is crucial to understand the most fundamental needs of teachers, students, and parents in education. In doing so, we can build extremely focused and impactful technology that demonstrably increases student learning and development. Classkick is founded by teachers and engineers. 

Meet our Team

Classkick Team



Andrew obsesses over finding ways to increase student achievement. After teaching high school math on Chicago's West side, Andrew worked at Google and YouTube launching products on devices around the world.  He has a background in mathematics, economics, and computer science from UC Berkeley.  Now Andrew is excited to focus on his passion building products that make a lasting difference on student learning and development.

Personal Quote:  "True north = student learning"



Peter studied mechanical engineering at UC Berkeley and most recently developed algorithms that find energy waste in buildings. He has been an elementary and middle school tutor and had the privilege of mentoring two amazing youth (hi Cesar and Devante!). He has founded an award winning chapter of Engineers Without Borders, built trucks at Toyota and rocket nozzles for the space shuttle. Peter is now honored to work with teachers and thrilled to help increase student learning.

Personal Quote:  "Sure!  What's the worst that could happen?"



Tim wants to make a difference through code. After studying computer science and psychology at Stanford, he joined Opower to help save energy and protect the climate through big data. Now, he’s especially excited to be on the Classkick team helping teachers and students in the classroom because  he wants to be a teacher when he grows up! In his free time, Tim enjoys playing piano and writing complete sentences in emoji.

Personal Quote: “Let’s do this!”




Thomas is a nerd full of passion for transportation, design, outdoors, technology and improving the world.  He loves jumping head-first into new pursuits and rarely says no to trying something new.  He started his career as a co-op student at Delphi Automotive, working on engine controller software, while he finished his CE degree from The University of Michigan. 10 years ago, he moved to Chicago to work at a small prototype lab in Motorola on proof of concept projects. Most recently he was a principal iOS developer at The Nerdery, creating cutting-edge apps for a large variety of clients. Thomas is humbled to be a part of such an amazing team and excited for the future!

Personal Quote: "Don't be scared, just try."



Colin likes learning things and helping other people learn things too. Before he was a developer, he was a 4th grade teacher in Chicago Public Schools focusing on bilingual education. He was also a Fulbright grantee, studying the Spanish bilingual secondary school system in Madrid. Ever since, he’s been building apps for the classroom. Now he’s especially excited to support teachers in classrooms with the Classkick team. Colin enjoys watching baseball and baking apple pies.

Personal quote: “Midwest is best.”



Laura believes that our future is dependent upon the innovation and creativity we inspire in our students. She enjoys the challenge and thrill of getting her hands dirty with new pieces of educational technology and the opportunities they present for differentiation and student voice. Before becoming a community manager, Laura was a teacher, instructional coach, and administrator in Chicago Public Schools. She also coached basketball, volleyball, and track and continues to play each of these sports. Laura loves the opportunity to see students, teachers, and parents grow in their learning and confidence, attempting to create a butterfly effect of positive change.

Personal quote: “It’s not about how many mistakes you make. It’s about how many new mistakes you make.”



Chad believes that the best approach to making awesome products is keeping things simple. Chad studied computer engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He joined AMI Entertainment and spent several years working on touchscreen jukeboxes and mobile software. He later worked at Grubhub where he lead a team focused creating on distributed systems to support user security and food delivery. In his off hours, Chad coaches boys gymnastics at Lyons Township High School. Chad is excited to be a part of the Classkick team because he believes that improving the education process for children is one of the most important  issues facing the world today.

Personal Quote: “If technology can’t improve education, what can?”



Originally hailing from a small farm town in Pennsylvania, Alexa is a multidisciplinary designer who has lived and worked around the globe. Recipient of a MA Graphic Design from London College of Communication–and equal enthusiast of slick interaction and tactile art forms–Alexa has worked in identity and user experience for brands like MasterCard, Coca Cola and Pearsons. When not behind a computer screen she is an active volunteer, and can be found either nose-deep in a book about social issues or planning her next adventure. She believes strongly in the power of design for the greater good and creating experiences that matter. 

Personal Quote:  "Fix that pixel now, please."



After graduating from UC Berkeley, Ray became a consultant at KPMG. During his time there, Ray helped companies such as Toyota, JP Morgan Chase and Capital One design and implement new financial systems and processes. Ray is excited to be a part of the Classkick team where he can effect change at a much closer level. He is currently solving problems faster than the team can throw them at him.

Personal Quote:  "I make apps purely as a joke."




Lupe believes that exploration and play are integral parts of children learning. Lupe graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a degree in Education.  She teaches 3rd grade at Morrill Elementary and is politically active in the community advocating for her students rights. She loves animals, watching documentaries, and practicing Jiu Jitsu. She is excited to be part of the Classkick team and help work with teachers to make amazing things happen!

Personal Quote:  “Those who dare to teach must never cease to learn”



Jeff is excited about using technology to create great classroom experiences. Before becoming an engineer, he taught 5th grade in Las Vegas, Nevada and ran his own tutoring company in San Diego, California. When he's not building new features for Classkick, he enjoys running, reading, and watching football. 

Personal Quote: "Teamwork makes the dreamwork"



Based in Chicago