Prepare for PARCC - with Classkick!

Prepare for PARCC - with Classkick!

Prepare for PARCC - with Classkick!

Are you trying to get your students ready for the PARCC (or your state assessment?) Look no further! Classkick has free practice tests for students who will be taking state-based standardized assessments. These practice tests are teacher developed, allow students to pace themselves, and offer real-time reporting to all teachers. 


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3rd Grade: ELA

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4th Grade: ELA

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5th Grade: ELA

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6th Grade: ELA

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Please see more about Classkick below:



What is Classkick?

Classkick is a free app that allows teachers to track what students are completing in real-time and provide feedback at the moment students need it. Students can privately raise a hand in Classkick, and receive helpful feedback from their teacher and peers. 

Classkick is very user-friendly. Students and teachers may begin using it effectively on the first day. If desired, teachers can attend an online training session or watch a series of how-to videos on our YouTube Channel.


Any Internet-connected computer (PC or Mac) or device can access As a Web-based application, there is no software to install or maintain. The site works best with Google Chrome, (version 54 or higher). We also have a free app for iPads available for download here.

Logging In

Teachers create a free account to access the site or app. Once they copy a test prep assignment and assign a roster, they receive a class code for students to access. To log in, simply visit and click the “Log In” button in the top right corner. Students type the Class Code and their Name to get started. 

Multiple Users

Classkick is completely free to use for all students in your school, regardless of size. Students and teachers can use the site or app from school or home - 24/7. 

Student Performance Tracking

Once your students login, their work appears live to you in your whole class view. Teachers can track student progress in real-time, and give feedback as students need it. 

State Specific

We use state-approved material to make each test review to specifically match the DOE posted guidelines. Don’t see the test that your state is using? Please reach out to us at!



What are the Practice Tests?

The PARCC Practice Tests have been created according to the released test questions from Each features the layout (text on the left, questions on the right), and question rigor of PARCC at the prescribed grade level, allowing teachers and students to practice with PARCC-type questions in preparation for taking the actual PARCC Exam. 

As a teacher using a PARCC Practice Test with your students, you can:

  • Easily adapt a test for your students in less than five minutes.

  • Administer and collect data for your class

  • Pinpoint student strengths and weaknesses using the whole class view.

  • Create and share a test with colleagues.

  • Create and administer an unlimited number of tests.

Special Needs

Teachers can add special needs accommodations, such as audio recordings of all passages, questions, and answers, for students to complete at their own pace.



What kind of Reporting does Classkick provide?

Our whole class view provides a snapshot of what all students are working on, the points they have received, and the hands they have raised for help or to be checked on individual questions.


Teachers can monitor when students last logged in, whether students are currently logged in, and which question they are currently viewing. This will show which students are actively moving through the test questions and which students need more assistance or incentive to do so. 


View data for practice tests, or any assignment, using the whole class view. This data can be displayed for any roster assigned to a practice test, and you can easily flip between rosters. 



What else does Classkick do?

Using Classkick, you can create any content or instructional resources to align with the specific domains and standards specified by your state!

Video Clips

Offer any video to your student by providing a link in a Classkick assignment. This is an excellent way to reinforce content when students are working independently, or to have students practice for Common Core Standards related to media literacy.

Vocab Worksheets

Select your terms and use our Vocabulary template (or create your own!) around a test domain or standard for student practice. These templates are great for daily in-class or homework assignments. 

Paperless Assignments

Give an assessment to your entire class. Simply load a set of questions by importing a PDF and give students the class code to get started.

Sample Assignments

Choose from many sample classroom resources, including labs, Venn diagrams, ordering, and many other activities designed to challenge your students in diverse ways.

Bell-Ringer Questions

Have a single question for your students to answer and discuss at the start or end of class. You can choose any kind of question, such as multiple choice, short answer, vocabulary, free response questions, or a combination!



What kind of Questions?

Classkick offers more than just multiple choice questions. As a teacher, you can create performance tasks, self-directed activities - all aligned to your state’s standards, including Common Core. 

Sample Assignment Library

Our Mentors and Ambassadors have created a database of quality sample assignments. Teachers can adapt any assignment to use with their students. 

Real-Time Feedback

Students need more than "right or wrong" responses to their work. Instead, they can receive in-depth explanations that turn test-taking into true learning from you or their peers. Feedback can be provided through drawing directly on the student’s screen, text, images, audio, links, and videos, whatever the student needs to be successful!

Performance Tasks

Offer more tech-enhanced items by having your students apply their knowledge through classifying, ordering, labeling, or doing other on-screen tasks.

Free Response Questions

Students can respond to any question in a variety of ways: by drawing, typing, adding audio, images, or links. Go beyond multiple choice to truly assess the students' deeper understanding of a topic.



How can I create Technology-Enhanced Performance Tasks in Classkick?

Classkick offers a variety of ways to create higher order assessments that check student comprehension beyond standard multiple choice or fill-in-the-blank questions. 

Choose All

Direct students to circle or underline all of the correct answers from among a number of options.


Ask students to use letters to represent text examples and place the letters into the correct categories.


As students to select and underline sections of text that pertain to specific examples or answer particular questions.


Create a word bank that students reference to label appropriate parts of an image, graph or diagram.


Have students properly match terms or phrases with their corresponding definitions or examples.


Direct students to place examples represented by letters or numbers in order based on identified criteria. Have students type or draw the correct order using the corresponding letters or numbers. 


Have students order a set of jumbled events chronologically by representing the events with a letter or number, and having students write or draw the numbers and letters on a timeline.