#ClasskickChat Recap: Now with 72% more Classkick

#ClasskickChat December 6, 2016

Teachers and students around the world are using Classkick, often for vastly different reasons. Spanning PreKindergarten to adult learning classrooms, favorite features and areas that Classkick should improve are vastly different. At our chat on Tuesday, December 6th, we wanted to hear from you: your Classkick wins, that one time Classkick didn't work for you, and what you would like to see in the future! As 2016 came to an end, we wanted to reflect, with your help, on how far Classkick has come and what we can continue to do to improve in 2017. 


Let's talk Classkick

This was the premise for our Tuesday, December 6th #ClasskickChat. Here's how the conversation started:

Q1: How frequently would you say you used Classkick in the previous year? Was it used daily? Weekly? Only occasionally? #ClasskickChat
A1: occasionally due to subject matter. As new topics in trimester now include more math it will be weekly #ClasskickChat
Can't wait to start using some of the new features and have my students use them as well. #ClasskickChat

As educators, it sounds like the there is flexibility in the amount of time Classkick is used. The more math they need to show, for example, is a big draw for the real-time aspect of viewing and responding to student work. 


What are the best moments from Classkick this year? 

Q2: What was your biggest Classkick win of the previous year? #ClasskickChat
A2: #1 recommending to @Classkick a screen showing class code and they took my advice! They are awesome! #ClasskickChat
A2 #2 watching as my Ss share their screens on overhead and sharing Ss work with parents at conferences! #ClasskickChat

We do love hearing and implementing your feedback in Classkick! Our Suggested Features page is here, and it is so interesting to see how the features of Classkick are crafted by teacher and student requests. Keep those great ideas coming! We also really like hearing about the student ownership provided by students being able to access and present their work to their parents, showing off their growing thought processes. 


The conversation then shifted to the challenges of using devices in the classroom: 

Q3: What was the biggest time Classkick let you down in the previous year? #ClasskickChat
Sorry fixing 's. Probably the fight for stylus pens by my Ss and missing a few. #ClasskickChat

Although we're still in pursuit of those things that we can be doing better in Classkick, this answer points to the ways students are interacting with devices. Having a set of stylus pens has become almost pivotal for classrooms with students iPads. What else have you added to update your classroom supply lists?


Are there people you collaborate with who refuse to use Classkick?

Here's what the Classkick community thought:

Q4: Who's that one colleague or friend that refuses to use Classkick even though they should? What were their reservations? #ClasskickChat
Oh and I shared @Classkick with my daughters teacher and he loved it! Big win #ClasskickChat

We haven't heard any stories of people who have been introduced to Classkick that don't like using it afterwards (although we know they must exist). Instead, it has been really moving to hear about the times that Classkick Teachers have shared Classkick with others, especially other teachers of their own children, and are able to see the Classkick Community grow!


How do your students feel about Classkick?

Here's what Classkick Teachers discussed: 

Q5: Do your students enjoy using Classkick? Why or why not? What is their favorite, or least favorite feature? #ClasskickChat
#ClasskickChat A5: Ss love sharing screens and collaborating mostly.
@dragan39 Is there some way we could improve that feature? #ClasskickChat
I'll be sure to ask my Ss regarding the collaboration improvements, #ClasskickChat

Our students appreciate being able to jump in and help each other, especially because they can provide their feedback in the exact spot that their peers need it!


The last question asked for requests in Classkick for the upcoming year:

Q6: What is the number one thing you'd like to see Classkick add or change for the next year? #ClasskickChat
A6: I would like to see folders added where I can organize assignments. Also, smoother capturing of Ss work for evidence #ClasskickChat
A6: @classkick needs pins for everyone to wear on the lovely lanyards we wear at work and at conferences! #makeithappen #ClasskickChat

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