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Classkick Mentors are extended members of the Classkick team, spreading Classkick to other teachers in their schools and communities. They can help YOU figure out the best way to use Classkick in YOUR classroom!

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Elementary Educators


Cathy Hink
Kindergarten & Tech. Resource
Kenmore, WA, USA


Kellie Lewis
Kindergarten Teacher
Farmington, MN, USA

Andrea Head
Kindergarten Teacher
Owensboro, KY, USA


Paige Bessick
1st Grade Teacher
Middleton, WI, USA


Stormy Daniels
1st Grade & Tech Mentor
El Paso, TX, USA


Joe Merrill
1st Grade Teacher
Naples, FL, USA


Charity Thomas
1st Grade Teacher
Shenandoah, VA, USA


Debbie Hazelwood
2nd Grade Teacher
Murphy, TX, USA


Rainah Pray
2nd Grade and School ITS
St. Charles, MO, USA


Jenny Day
2nd Grade Teacher
Owensboro, KY, USA


Sarah Mancusi
2nd Grade Teacher
Nixa, MO, USA


Heather Marrs
3rd Grade Gen. Ed. Teacher

Eagle Point, OR, USA


Amelia Cook
3rd Grade and Webmaster
Bowling Green, KY, USA


Mr. Merkley
3rd Grade Gen. Ed. Teacher
Eagle Point, OR, USA


Elizabeth Olerich
3rd Grade Teacher
Kansas City, MO, USA


Amy Swanson
3rd Math/Sci & Tech Coach
Murphy, TX, USA


Ms. Guadalupe Rivera
3rd Bil/ Science/Reading
Chicago, IL, USA


Katie Courtwright
3rd Grade Teacher
St. Louis, MO, USA


Martha Lackey
2nd/3rd Bil, Tech Liaison
Midlothian, TX, USA


Begoña Codesal
3rd Grade, Primary Teacher

A Coruña, Spain


Kami Butterfield
3rd Grade Gen. Ed. Teacher
Baxter Springs, KS, USA


Melissa Thomasson
3rd Grade Teacher
Metropolis, IL, USA


Ashley Cox
3rd Grade Teacher
Ridgeway, VA, USA


Heather Johnson
3rd Grade Teacher
Weston, WI, USA


Jason Clark
4th Grade & Tech Leader
White City, OR, USA


Garrett O'Dell
4th Grade Gen. Ed. Teacher
La Vista, NE, USA


Emily Mason
4th Grade ELA Teacher
Camden, AR, USA


Gabriel Bailly-Bailliere
Torres-Pardo, 4th Grade
Logroño, Spain


Laura Mason
4th Grade Teacher
Hereford, UK


Kristy Land
5th Grade Math Teacher

Lindale, TX, USA


Mr. Meldau
5th Grade Math/Sci Teacher
Phoenix, AZ, USA


Garrett Thurlo
5th Grade ELA/SS Teacher
Independence, KS, USA


Casey Korder
5th Grade and Tech. Chair
Las Vegas, NV, USA


Mrs. Marinucci
3rd-5th Int. Spec/SPED Sci&SS
Kimbolton, OH, USA


Stacy Bigham
K-5 Literacy Coach
Apex, NC, USA


Katie Vetro
K-5 Technology Integrator
Buxton, ME, USA


Elizabeth Brandenberg
Lead Teacher
Hagerstown, MD, USA


Sara Heintzelman
Elem. Special Ed. Teacher
Hellertown, PA, USA


Ricky Board
Tech. Instructional Specialist
Fort Worth, TX, USA


Jenny Marmion
K-5 Reading Specialist
Geneseo, IL, USA


Kaveh Ghazi
Technology Integrationist
St. Paul, MN, USA


Vincent D. Mills
Math/Sci, Tech. Integrationist
Camden, AR, USA 


Middle School Educators


Pamela Kent
5th/6th Math Instruction Spec.
Waco, TX, USA


Jennifer Hamrick
7th Grade Math Teacher
Williamsport, MD, USA


Alex Conoway
7th and 8th Math Teacher
Galloway, NJ, USA


Arda Ergez
7th Grade Math Teacher
Ankara, Turkey


Amy Morgan
Tech. Integration Specialist
Brunswick, OH, USA


Dottie Betts
Instructional Resource Teacher
Collinsville, VA, USA


High School and College Educators


Math Educators


Sue Popelka
Calculus & Tech Integration
River Falls, WI, USA


Jennifer Gibbons
Math Lead/Senior Sponsor
Lexington, SC, USA


Jennifer Stevens
PreCalculus & Algebra 2
Eastham, MA, USA


Jessica Hunter
9th/10th Geometry & Algebra 1
Monroe, LA, USA


Sherli Holbrook
High School Math Teacher
Lima, OH, USA


Darci Santella
Math and Computer Science
Hazlet, NJ, USA


Science Educators


Sarah Rivera
STEM/Science Teacher
Perry, OH, USA


Sandra Lemke
HS Chemistry Teacher
Bellevue, NE, USA


Doug Ragan
Chemistry Teacher

Hudsonville, MI, USA


Amy Roediger
Science & Instructional Coach
Mentor, OH, USA


Sarah Welsh
Pre-AP Chemistry Teacher
El Paso, TX, USA


Kelly Nyzen
Chemistry Teacher
Hiram, OH, USA


Language Arts Educators


George Pecchio
10th/12th ELA & AP Literature
Hershey, PA, USA


Technology Educators


Seda Karabulut
Info & Comm. Tech Teacher
Çankaya, Ankara, Turkey


Gillian Bush
K-12 Ed. Technology Specialist
Olathe, KS, USA



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