Local Partnerships

Classkick is on a mission to dramatically increase student learning. We are looking for talented engineers, thought leaders, and educators to join our team.

Local Partnership Program



At Classkick we're passionate about supporting teachers and schools to reach the needs of all learners. We are partnering with schools in the Chicago area who share this mission.


Our Local Partnership Initiative provides a resource for you and your teachers to fill any gaps you may have (i.e.: technology support, teacher coaching resources, social capital, etc). Our team sits side-by-side with you to learn from the incredible ways teachers impact students daily. We work with your teachers and staff to co-create a vision for what our partnership can and should look like.

The benefit to us is simple: we get to ask questions, learn from students and teachers and stay connected to our local community. 

The benefit to you: our team (as people, as resources, as former teachers, as community members, etc.) can help fulfill any sort of gap or enrichment that helps you meet your school's vision and goals. 

Interested in hearing more about becoming an official partner? Feel free to schedule a 10 minute chat with Cailie Ryan, our Teacher Effectiveness Lead.