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Learn More about Classkick Certification

Classkick certification symbolizes growth and reflection in teaching and learning as demonstrated in Classkick.

What is Classkick Certification?

Classkick Certification symbolizes growth and reflection in teaching and learning as demonstrated in Classkick. Certification is attained through a series of four challenges through which educators utilize different elements of Classkick and demonstrate how these elements are used to increase student learning in their classroom. There are no multiple-choice questions or time limits toward achieving Classkick Certification. Each challenge builds upon the previous one and can only be attempted upon the successful completion of the previous challenge. 


After all four challenges have been successfully completed, educators receive formal recognition of their accomplishment. Certification can be shared with parents, colleagues, and administrators to indicate time and effort spent in honing the educator's craft. 



Why Earn Classkick Certification?

You are learning about teaching and learning every time you use Classkick but it is difficult to receive recognition for the skills and achievements happening outside of traditional Professional Development methods. Classkick Certification helps all Classkick educators gain and display their professional growth in a unique way. You may also use Certification as proof of technology hours spent learning and crafting new instructional methods utilizing technology. 



Who Should Apply?

If you are a teacher, tutor, interventionist, instructional coach, or any other adult responsible for directly providing instruction to students utilizing Classkick, then Classkick Certification is the right choice for you. 

Unlike traditional teaching certification, you do not need professional development units to maintain your Classkick certification. Instead, you may be asked to provide guidance to other teachers attempting Classkick Certification challenges in an effort to continue growing the Classkick educator community.