How Should iPads Be Used in the Classroom?


#ClasskickChat Recap: How should iPads be used in the Classroom?

#ClasskickChat June 7, 2017

The iPad is a great tool for education. But what are the best ways to use (and NOT to use) the iPads in the Classroom? How can they be used to help students learn better and help us teacher better? What can you do with iPads that you cannot do with other tools? For example, iPads are extremely mobile (unlike desktop computers). How can we take advantage of this? 

It seems that since iPads appeared in classrooms, they were supposed to transform teaching and learning, but the basics of both teaching and learning seem to have remained unchanged. What are some unique features of iPads that we should take advantage of with our students? Should they be used as a document camera to annotate and record something you are showing in your classroom? Are there specific apps to help achieve different levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy with students? 

We chatted on Tuesday, June 7th about best use cases of iPads in the classroom and what things we should NOT be using iPads for. Check out the complete transcript below!


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