High School Math

High School Math

See Classkick in action in this high school math classroom!



I love working with the students. I love seeing what they bring into class everyday. Being able to adapt to what they bring. And to help them as best I can. 

I got a teaching assistant job out of college. The special ed teachers would send their students to me for their math help. And then, it just clicked, right there. Like, this is great. I love helping the students learn. 

I've got three classes of 32 students. It's hard to reach everybody at the same time. At an institute day, another teacher, she said, "Hey, I found this new app. Check it out!" And then we tried it, and it was awesome. It's a way to help all the students at the same time. The students can help each other. Then, they can explain it better, too. And if you can explain it better, then you have a better knowledge of what you're talking about in class. 

If I'm doing it by myself, then everyone's on that one problem. This allows them to work at their own pace, which then if they're ahead, they can help other students. And if they're behind, then they can get the help from other students. Now, at least I can see an actual response from all the students going, "Yes, I'm getting that help." "Hey!" they'll yell across the room. "Thanks a lot!" 

It's a nice change to have it. To keep the kids, basically on their toes. It's a way to them to help other students. Which is extremely important.