Differentiation for 1st Graders

Differentiation for 1st Graders

See Classkick in action in this 1st grade classroom!



Hi, my name is Paige Bessick. I'm a first grade teacher in Wisconsin. We use Classkick as a way for me to mentor and to differentiate the students' work. I like Classkick because I can give them instant feedback on their iPads, which is private, just to them.

In the morning, my students come in to work on their morning work. A lot of times, we use Classkick. They look to see what group they're in, and then they look for their code. They put it in their iPad and get started right away. 

I can work on the skills I need to learn. 

We can work together. 

I can get feedback from my teacher right away. 

I also like Classkick because it's easy to make assignments for them to use. I create groups, Black and Gold, based on skills that students have.