Personalize learning with differentiation, student portfolios, and parent updates.

Available for Teachers and Schools in Spring 2017

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Classkick Pro Features and Benefits


Student Accounts and Portfolios

Students log in securely using a dedicated account and can access all their work in a digital portfolio.
No more class codes or students logging in as each other!


Parent Updates

Send student work home to parents digitally.



Easily group students and differentiate their work.


Auto-Grading and Feedback

Give grades and feedback automatically with
multiple choice options.


Export Grades

Export student grades to a spreadsheet. 


Teachers and students record and share what's happening on their screen.


Assignment Due Dates

Prevent students from editing an assignment after a set due date.



Organize your assignments in folders. 


Bring It Together Mode

Flip a switch and all students see the teacher's screen for class discussion.


Advanced Editing Tools

Additional pen and text colors, highlighters, and more!



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