Classkick Meetups: Tips for Organizers

Classkick Meetups: Tips for Organizers

Classkick Meetups: Tips for Organizers

Thank you for hosting a Classkick Meetup! We’ve collected some tips to ensure a smooth event: 


Looking for even more tips? Check out our Classkick Meetup Toolkit for additional resources!


Circulation Classkick Meetup

Choose a Format

There are many different ways you can run a Classkick Meetup. Some groups meet and talk in a circle, others run them like a classroom with a teacher and students, some may just have members mingle and talk, and others could try a combination of several styles. Please choose the best format for your group and location. Here is a list of some common format styles you can choose from:  

  • Activity/Group Project  

  • Class/Workshop  

  • Social/Happy Hour/Meet and Greet 

Regardless of the format you choose, make sure to give everyone attention. Attendees will notice that you do your best to engage everyone and will appreciate the effort you are making to do so. Everyone wants to feel like part of a group/team/family and by socializing with everyone, they will get that feeling and want to return for your future events. 

Activity/Group Project

Create some activity that can get several people working together on. Have Internet access and devices? Login as students to a Classkick assignment! 


Teach others how you use Classkick in your classroom, or ask another person in your group to share
their experience.  (See our interactive presentations here)

Social/Happy Hour/Meet and Greet

These are events in which you get people out to just socialize and mingle with no topic or structured
layout. They may have a start time, but members are able to come and leave as they please.


Sign Classkick Meetup

Make it easy to find your group when others arrive at the venue

It can be helpful to have the following things: 

  • A greeter (yourself or another person) saying, "Hi, welcome! What are you looking to get out of the evening?"

  • A sign and table toppers that say “Classkick Meetup”

  • Name tags and pens/markers 

  • Camera to take pictures

  • Something with the Classkick Meetup web address to hand out to people passing by asking what the group is about



Arrive early 

Try to get to the place you are going to meet about 30 minutes before everyone else. Take this time to say “hi” to the person in charge where you are hosting the event. Get your signs, name tags and other items you will need for your Meetup Event ready so people can find you and start meeting others. 



Set up the room for circulation

The ideal meetup is an area where most people are standing and able to move around, with some chairs and tables off to the side so groups can break off and sit down if they want to have a more involved discussion. It's less ideal when everyone is sitting down at one big table or group of tables, because then people can get locked into one spot and limit their opportunities. 


Greeter Classkick Meetup


Do your best to say “hello” to every member who attends. Shake their hand, if you remember them, say “thanks for coming back,” or if it’s their first time, say “welcome to the group.” Just do your best to make them feel welcomed. Being social is not easy, especially when you don’t know anyone. Do your best to spot members that are less social and give them attention. Ask them questions to get them talking, then introduce them to others.


Conversation Classkick Meetup

Some ideas for getting into conversations

The simplest way to start talking to a single person is to introduce yourself. Once the conversation begins you can ease into it by spending a minute or two asking about nothing-fancy topics such as:

  • "Where do you teach?"

  • "Do you use Classkick in your classroom?"

  • "What are you and your students working on now?"

  • "What is something new you’ve tried this year in your class?"



Ice breaker techniques 

If people are meeting for the first time, it may be harder to get people talking and socializing. Search Google for “ice breaker games” and you will get tons of them. 

*Note: At every event no matter how many people, make sure everyone gets a name tag. It’s a bit uncomfortable not remembering someone’s name, so this stops that feeling. As an organizer, you are going to meet tons of people and being able to call someone by their first name helps show the members in the group you care.


Pictures Classkick Meetup

Take pictures 

Take pictures of everyone having fun. (Send them to to post the pictures on the Classkick Meetup site). Posting the pictures after the Meetup will bring people back to your site to check them out. It also shows other members the number of people that came out. We recommend taking a group picture at every event. 



Ask for help with the next Meetup 

Being an organizer is not easy. Sometimes you may need help. Ask the members in the group who would like to assist in organizing the next one. Members that come out to your event are more and likely the ones that are going to be willing to help you with your future Meetups. 



Say goodbye

All good things must come to an end, and when they do, say goodbye. Goodbyes are just as important as saying “hello.” People remember the last thing that happens to them the most clearly. By saying “bye, thanks for coming out”, they will walk away saying to themselves “wow, the organizer really appreciated me coming.” Encourage attendees to exchange contact information so they can collaborate in the future, in and out of Classkick! 



Looking for even more tips? Check out our Classkick Meetup Toolkit for additional resources!