Classkick Certification Review

Classkick Certification Review

Become Classkick Certified by submitting your challenges and being reviewed through the process described below

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Reviewing Classkick Certification Submissions

Reviewers play an essential role in validating the Classkick Certification challenge components submitted and to give constructive feedback to the authors. 


To Review: 

  1. Please read through the entire submission carefully. (All author names have been removed.)

  2. At the end of the submission is a blank rubric for you to complete. 

    • Please indicate the rating for each component by bolding the text in the appropriate column. 

    • Then, please provide thoughtful comments and critiques to improve the author's submission in the last column labeled "Notes During Evaluation."

  3. This process usually takes about 15-20 minutes. 


Example Evaluation: (click to expand) 



  1. Each submission is evaluated by four people. All four evaluators must deem each rubric element to be "Exemplary" or "Accomplished" for the author to successfully complete this challenge. 

  2. The author is provided with a summary of all four author's detailed feedback, maintaining the evaluators' anonymity. 


We ask that evaluators be as thorough and complete as possible in their review. "Feedback is one of the top 10 influences on student achievement," and educators hunger for authentic reviews of their work as much as students do! (See more on John Hattie's research here.)


If you have any questions about the review process or a specific challenge, please reach out to me at!