Why Students Have Classkick on the Web and Teachers Don’t

Last week we released Classkick for students on the web, but teachers still need an iPad to use the app. Here’s why:

Although Classkick started off on iPads, under-resourced schools are moving towards lower-cost Chromebooks. This was our chance not only to increase access to Classkick for low-income students but also to support affordable technology.

As soon as it was ready, we released a free web version of Classkick for students at app.classkick.com. Now, instead of needing a class set of iPads, any teacher with just one iPad can use Classkick with their students on Chromebooks, desktops, laptops and/or iPads.

We’re hard at work building the teacher side of Classkick now. If you’re an educator and want to use Classkick from any web-enabled device, join the waitlist to be the first to get it free!

The Classkick Team

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