The 8 Minutes That Matter Most

In last week's #ClasskickChat on Twitter, teachers discussed best practices for opening and wrapping up a lesson, as well as cross-curricular integration. Teachers shared how they open their lessons: 

Mr J Khalil @MrJKhalil Music as they enter the room, picture to get them thinking #ClasskickChat
Laura Litton @LauraLitton I used to specifically write a "hook" for each lesson that would build on something we had done before. #ClasskickChat

wrap up lessons:

Laura Litton @LauraLitton Always provide time for out-loud and written reflection, to accommodate all learners. #ClasskickChat
Katie Powell @Beyond_the_Desk #ClasskickChat also have exit tickets on my door -- kids post on red, yellow, or green to show how confident they are on today's skill
Mr J Khalil @MrJKhalil Quiz such as Kahoot, or flip quiz, good revision exercise, address misconceptions #ClasskickChat

and integrate across the curriculum:

Katie Powell @Beyond_the_Desk #ClasskickChat for math, projects and activities like this on mathalicious help with integration and real-world connections
Shane Mosel @germosel Just started to experiment with Periscope in the classroom to give students and parents and inside look into our world #ClasskickChat
Norma N @nnorie3 #ClasskickChat interdisciplinary thematic units! I'm planning for zombie math, science weather survival creative writing related

What are some of your favorite ways to open and close your lessons?

Be sure to join us next Tuesday 1/12 for our discussion on: Resetting Classroom Culture After a Break!