Technology: How do we use it in the classroom?

In last week's #ClasskickChat on Twitter, teachers discussed supporting each other using technology, best practices for using technology, and what to do if you have a tech malfunction. We talked about teachers' fears:

Peter Do @MrPeterDo Not sure it's phobia per se, but I've seen teachers who are overworked and don't have the time or energy to venture into something new. #ClasskickChat
Kami @KamiButterfield I think sometimes it has to do with intimidation and the kids knowing more than us. #ClasskickChat

best practices:

Greg Port @GregPort3 I think we need to move from "e-learning" to "c-learning" - collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, communication. #ClasskickChat
Sherry S @SherTeachesCHI Teachers must rethink roles altogether to go from teacher-as-omniscient to teacher-as-co-learner #ClasskickChat
Mr J Khalil @MrJKhalil Make use of technology not only as a learning tool but as one to help show progress over time #ClasskickChat

and preparing for tech mishaps: 

Laura Litton @LauraLitton You have to be ready for what you can do IF the tech is working, AND if its not #ClasskickChat
Shane Mosel @germosel As teachers we must be able to adapt and go with the flow. This is something I tell my peers who are scared of technology. #ClasskickChat

What are some of your best practices for technology?

Be sure to join us next Tuesday for our discussion on opening and closing a class!