Student Voice, Student Choice

In last week's #ClasskickChat on Twitter, teachers discussed increasing student choice, managing differentiation, and collaborating with other teachers. They shared ideas on how to encourage student choice in the classroom:

Mr J Khalil @MrJKhalil individual projects, free choice, something that will keep them engaged for a period of a year #ClasskickChat
Guadalupe Rivera @MsRivera209 #ClasskickChat I let my students choose the topics (under one theme) and the ways they want to present.
Katie Powell @Beyond_the_Desk #ClasskickChat guided options. I keep a list of STEM challenges, coding activities, etc. kids can do when they've finished work. 

Teachers also discussed a variety of options for managing differentiation:

Doug Ragan @dragan39 #ClasskickChat mostly used for formative assessments and then immediate feedback.
Andrew @ahrowland Planning, tracking groups and levels in hard, technology that makes that easier is key. Google Sheets, Google Forms, exit Tickets, PollEverywhere. #ClasskickChat
Cathy Hink @MsHinksClass If parents have iPads they have access to their child's project Class Code student and family can add to project if they want #ClasskickChat
The PBL Workflow #ClasskickChat Cathy Hink @MsHinksClass

And they shared how they collaborate: 

Guadalupe Rivera @MsRivera209 #ClasskickChat This may sound silly but my best friends are also my colleagues. Our collaboration space is our living room. 
Katie Powell @Beyond_the_Desk #ClasskickChat I tried a weekly teaching strategy challenge with prizes, but peer interest waned. 

How do you promote student choice in your classroom?

Be sure to join us Tuesday 1/26 with guest host @tmnerd for our discussion on: Students and Technology!

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