Loading Woes… Teachers to the Rescue

You might have noticed that the current version of Classkick can take a while to load student work. Your class time is too valuable to spend waiting for technology, and we sincerely apologize for any distraction this may have caused.

The good news is that we identified the bug and are hard at work fixing it. The great news is that users (from three different countries!) played an active role in finding the bug and coming up with a fast workaround: ask all students working in Classkick to pause for 10 seconds or simply pre-load the assignment.

A huge thanks to our wonderful users for the assist: Adrian, Frank, Kathy, Greg, Nico, Doug, Matt, Wendy, Brandy, Elizabeth, and Niels.

Software bugs usually don’t make headlines, but teachers joining to build better technology for their students is newsworthy to us.