Getting back into the groove of things

In last week's #ClasskickChat on Twitter, teachers discussed getting back into routines after a break. Teachers shared how they prepare, how they reset the classroom culture, and behavior and classroom expectations. Teachers discussed their preparatory practices before returning to their classes:

Guadalupe Rivera @MsRivera209 #ClasskickChat I like to site with my laptop looking over my unit plans the night before and get to bed early!
Mr J Khalil @MrJKhalil Reflective log, and looking at the positives of the week and looking at one area for improvement. Keeps you motivated. #ClasskickChat
Laura Litton @LauraLitton I always tried to spend Sunday evenings before school on Monday reflecting on why I became a teacher. #ClasskickChat

We talked about what it meant to reset the classroom culture: 

Thomas (Not Colin) @tmnerd A feeling of togetherness and a culture of inclusion. #ClasskickChat
Doug Ragan @dragan39 Have the lesson plans ready before break so they are ready to go #ClasskickChat
Colin Shevlin @cwshevlin Classroom culture is important to me because I think it's the soul of your room. Students who love their class learn better. #ClasskickChat

and behavior and classroom expectations:

Sylvia G. Sandova @ms_sandoval223 Review classroom routines, refresh content previously taught, and have discussions #ClasskickChat
Mr J Khalil @MrJKhalil When marking work, state the strength, a target which they can achive immediately and a challenge which will take time #ClasskickChat
Greg Port @GregPort3 I would sometimes video the class when they were working well, then show the video as a reminder of standards #ClasskickChat

What are your favorite practices to reset your classroom after an extended break?

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