Feedback From a Human

We were pleasantly surprised with a great mention from a teacher hero of mine – thanks dy/Dan! As a long-time educator and thought leader, Dan pushes the boundaries of teaching, inspiring us to prepare students with 21st century math foundations. We are humbled by his post.

With Classkick’s first launch this month, we delivered the initial take of our vision: technology that demonstrably increases learning. We have a long way to go, so thanks for both the encouragement and pointing out areas for improvement:

  • Handwriting math on a tablet — Yup, I think this will evolve with time. We started with lots of scroll space (use 2 fingers), and it’s natural that pinch-zooming will need to follow, as will finer “pen tips”. Hardware size will also grow in time.
  • Business models — Right now we’re focused on creating something that teachers love and that delivers true learning gains for students. If we work really hard to do that right, we’ll have at least a few models to choose from.

And yes Dan, you’re right. Classkick isn’t “instant” feedback. It’s something more special. Good call, and thanks for all the human feedback.