Even MORE Student Feedback

First we wanted to give students instant feedback. So we made Classkick.

Then we wanted to empower teachers to give even more, so we added quick buttons. That increased by 2-3x the amount of rich individualized feedback students could receive during practice time, not to mention cut a teacher’s grading time by 50%.

Classkick before

Today, we are introducing something that launches student feedback into the stratosphere and helps classrooms be more student-centric: (anonymous) Student Helpers. The teacher simply flips the switch, and three-before-me or any sort of peer-to-peer check is at every students’ fingertips.

Classkick today

Teachers still retain complete control and monitoring over interactions. They can turn student helpers on or off, view who is/has helped who, or even jump into the action alongside another helper. Students can elect to surface their raised hand only to the teacher. 

Have fun watching your kids teach each other!

- the Classkick Team