Differentiation = Holding All Students to High Expectations

In last week's #ClasskickChat on Twitter, teachers discussed how to differentiate assignments, instruction, and assessments in the classroom. We talked about what differentiation looks like: 

Colin Shovelin' @cwshevlin My reading was differentiated by RIT bands. 
Most students don't know their preferred learning styles. Better to let them experiment.

and whether grades should be differentiated:

Andrew @ahrowland no matter how differentiated or tracked, the important thing is finding a way to hold all students to high expectations #ClasskickChat
Thomas (Not Colin) @tmnerd Hard skill grades shouldn't be differentiated, but soft skill ones could be, which opens the door for attitude, etc. #ClasskickChat
Guadalupe Rivera @MsRivera209 I like the idea of having work be like games where you get multiple chances to try. #ClasskickChat

What do you think about differentiating grades?

Be sure to join us next Tuesday 12/29 for our discussion on how and when to implement technology in the classroom!