Cut grading time by 50% and skyrocket feedback!

Since the beginning, Classkick has been hyper focused on student feedback. This is because research shows it is one of the most impactful factors in increasing learning. As many teachers experience everyday, it’s also really hard to do well and at scale.

In pursuit of making student feedback more effective, faster, and richer, we are proud to announce our biggest and most fun features of the summer yet, Quick Feedbacks Stickers!

Some highlights we’ve seen already in preliminary trials

  • Teachers have graded quizzes 50% faster than grading the same quizzes on paper. That’s 60 minutes instead of 120!
  • Often, many students have similar issues that require detailed feedback. Instead of repeating themselves to each student, teachers use customized stickers to give instant directed feedback (or rubric points) — all with a touch of the finger.
  • Kids LOVE the stickers.