A Step Towards Educational Equity

From the start, Classkick’s goal has been to help provide quality feedback to every student — regardless of their background or income. When we first launched Classkick in 2014, we started on iPads because they were the most common device in education. Since then, schools have branched out to include other devices like Chromebooks and laptops. Thankfully, these lower cost devices have allowed more under-resourced schools to integrate technology, and as a result, their students can now access valuable information and learning tools via the web. While no single device can close the educational equity gap, we’re are excited by these steps towards expanding access to technology and look forward to supporting learners and teachers from all backgrounds.

That’s why we are very proud to announce Classkick Viewer. With Viewer, students, parents and teachers can use ANY device to view Classkick assignments from the web. To view live or completed work, go to view.classkick.com from any computer or phone.

Viewer is our first step in offering a fully integrated Classkick experience on any device, and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this post or at hi@classkick.com.

Thank you all for your feedback and support!

The Classkick Team