A Sneak Peek at Classkick v2.5

To reach students, educators must be able to provide them with motivating, individualized feedback. That’s why we built Classkick — to give educators a better way to address the struggles of their students. Our journey began as an iPad app, and we are now paving the way for a web-based version for teachers using Chromebooks, laptops and desktops. The first major step in getting the web version ready will be the release of Classkick v2.5 on iPad in late July!

Not only does Classkick v2.5 for iPad lay the technical foundation for Classkick on the Web, but we’ve completely redesigned the teacher experience to be more intuitive. For example, the new version includes a separate view for Rosters and also allows teachers to search for assignments by name.

We’re excited for users to see the improved experience in Classkick v2.5 on iPad, and even more excited for all of our Chromebook, laptop and desktop teachers to have Classkick on the web shortly thereafter! To be the first to get Classkick on the Web for free, please join the waitlist.

Thank you for all you do for our students!

— The Classkick Team

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