4 Ways to Prep Students for Finals with Chromebooks on Classkick

It’s the end of the year, and teachers are prepping their students for finals and testing. Here are four ways to help your students get ready using their Chromebooks and Classkick.

  1. Record Visual and Verbal Clarifications — Provide visual or verbal explanations of common misconceptions in Classkick. Students can watch the video or listen to the recording anytime.
  2. Project Student Work — While projecting your device in class, open any student’s Classkick page. The student works from their device, and the whole class sees the modeling live.
  3. Targeted Test Prep — Put test prep questions in a Classkick assignment. Students can work on them at home or in class and get instant feedback from you or classmates.
  4. Remote Office Hours — Send your students home with a Classkick assignment and set a time window for “remote” office hours. You can help students no matter where you are!

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