3 Problems That Left My Students Hanging, Every Day

Everyday in the classroom, I left with the painful feeling that I hadn’t helped all the students that needed me that day. There were always hands up after the bell. Only the most persistent students got their questions answered. What about the students who couldn’t come after school? What about the shy ones?

There were 3 basic roots of this problem:

1. Numbers — There’s lots of students. Even the best teacher can’t reach 30 kids at once.

2. Friction — Time and space impede feedback distribution, whether it’s dashing over to a raised hand across the room, or the paper management between collecting worksheets, grading, and passing them back.

3. Stigma — Worst of all, not all students want to raise a hand because it broadcasts I need help to the whole room. What kids wants that?

For that last group, you never know they needed you until you see their quiz a week later. The thought that many of my students left class missing perhaps just one tidbit of input they needed to be successful, was a problem.

We built Classkick not only to provide an instant check-in with students, but more importantly, to give (discreet) feedback when students need it. That is, in the moment they actually have a question, not the next day when papers are returned to them and they’ve already forgotten about the material. Interestingly, we’ve also found that using Classkick creates an imaginary sense of security for students as they work, as if the teacher is constantly looking over their shoulder ready to help when needed. This boosts student confidence. No more stigma for the shy kids who don’t want to ask a question; no more lingering questions for any student. Just engagement and feedback.