Classkick Ambassadors and Mentors...

We are looking for YOUR help to create an amazing where teachers where teachers can learn about highly effective methods to Check for Understanding.

Checking for Understanding

We want to showcase your favorite methods for Checking for Understanding so other teachers can watch, study, and learn from your examples. As mentor teachers, each of you have found effective ways to monitor student work with and without Classkick, and we want to compile a variety of different methods so teachers can choose the best way to help their students. 


To help:

  1. Please record a short (10 second) video demonstrating your favorite method(s) to Check for Understanding. Feel free to record as many different methods as you would like, both with and without technology. We want to showcase a variety of methods for teachers that they can implement with or without Classkick.

  2. Share the video on Drop Box or Google Drive with 

  3. Include the name of the Check for Understanding, an explanation of any preparation needed, and when and why you use this Check for Understanding in your classroom.