Challenge Students At Their Level

Challenge Students At Their Level

See how students can be challenged at a variety of levels in Classkick!



Students can be challenged at their level in a variety of ways in Classkick. Teachers can assign real-world problems and differentiate their assignments for student needs. Students can go at their own pace, demonstrate mastery with multiple modalities, and receive feedback from their teacher and peers at the moment they need it. 

Let's see how: In an assignment, students can solve real-world problems via inquiry-based learning... project-based learning... or team-based learning. Teachers can create a basic lesson, and duplicate it to add scaffolding, or enrichment activities. Students progress through any lesson at their own pace, acknowledging when they need help... or would like to be checked by raising a hand in Classkick. 

To demonstrate mastery, students are provided with many tools. They can draw... type... add images... or record their voice to respond to questions. As students are working... they can receive instant feedback from their teacher... as well as other students. 

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