Classkick Pro Features

Classkick Pro Features

For teachers who are interested in folders and dedicated student accounts, Classkick offers premium features.


Even more powerful tools for teachers and students to work together.


Auto-Grading and Feedback

Give grades and feedback automatically with multiple choice options.


Export Grades

Export student grades to a spreadsheet.



Record and share what's happening on your screen.


Assignment Due Dates

Prevent students from editing an assignment after a set due date.



Organize your assignments in folders. 


Bring It Together Mode

Flip a switch and all students see the teacher's screen for class discussion.


Advanced Editing Tools

Additional pen and text colors, highlighters, and more!


$199/year Waitlist by Oct 31

$249/year Full Price


Empower students, parents, and teachers to personalize learning.


Get all the features of Pro Classroom plus:


Dedicated Student Accounts

Students log in securely and see all their work in their own dedicated account. No more class codes or students logging in as each other!


Parent Updates

Send student work home to parents digitally.



Easily group students and differentiate their work.


Volume Discounts Available